Birthday Cards - Easy and Attractive DIY Birthday Card Ideas


You can make a unique birthday card quickly and easily regardless of how artistic and skillful you are. You just need inspiration in the form of fun ideas and some practical guidelines on how to get things right. Here are some very exciting suggestions.

Birthday Card with Printed Picture

There are numerous websites that make it very easy to make a unique card for someone that you love. You just need to select one of the pictures available which are regularly free and print it out on paper. Then you can eagerly cut the printed picture and place it on a formerly folded cardstock of the right size. It is as simple as this.

There are other methods where you can find photos for your cards. You can use the ones from MS word, a word processing software program. You can make use of a drawing software in creating a picture yourself. You can readily add some glitter using glue or glue a ribbon if you think that a card with a picture will be simple. You can be as creative as you want in general.

Birthday Card Present

The idea is fairly simple - you need to make a card that looks like a birthday present which the receiver can't resist to open. You will need colored ribbon and a colored cardstock for your creation. You can also Send a card by mail online !

Cut a piece of cardstock of the chosen size and an adequately long piece of the ribbon. Fold the pieces of cardstock in two over the middle. Use a paper knife to cut a slot in the middle of the fold. It must be big enough for the ribbon to go through it. Now wrap the front part of the card with the ribbon just like you will be doing for a gift box. Your card is ready now.

Collage Birthday Card

This is perchance the most artistic of all other ideas. You need a piece of cardboard to begin with. Then get a bunch of pictures with the birthday girl or boy, his or her family and friends. You can also get a lot of magazines and cut out photos that would correspond to the person's interest if you want to be more creative. Also, you can always print stuff from the internet. For more details about post cards, visit .

Now get creative, cut parts of the images you want to have for the collage and arrange them to create a meaningful piece. Glue the parts of the cardstock piece after settling the position of each one. Send a birthday card here!